Photos 03 | Dragon Battle 2017


One weekend after the 10K Austcham race another Dragon Boating event occurred, Dragon Battle! This is the 3rd year it's on and it's an unique event in Singapore where instead of going the distance in a dragon boat race, it's about pure muscle and hitting power all in side a country club swimming pool! This tug of war with dragon boats is a brutal, tortuous event but it's an absolutely amazing spectacle. 

Not only is it a refreshing change of pace from the usual 200/500m races in Singapore for the paddlers, but also the spectators too.  Due to the Tug of War taking place in a pool, spectators can get up close and view the action only a few metres from their eyes!  I hope the photos below convey the intensity of the competition. 

The event was created by the wonderful folk over at Dragon Boat Innovate (DBI). Go check them out for events! Check them out here

I hope you enjoy!