Food | Hungry Heroes, Singapore






A nice, independent restaurant which serves average food and nothing more, unfortunately.



Hungry Heroes is a small eatery nestled in a quiet area near Farer Park MRT station, along Tessensohn Road.  The main draw of this restaurant is the comic/movie décor; think of a Hard Rock Café albeit on a smaller scale and swap Aerosmith for Ironman.  Despite the name and the funky online marketing, the prevalence of comic paraphernalia is rather restrained – with only one wall containing super hero busts and models (on the ground floor at least).  The rest contains posters and mock up guns.  I personally wasn’t so overawed by their decor.  Overall however, the ambience of the place is relaxed, calm and is helped by the attentive and friendly staff.

We ordered the “Justice Is Served” platter.  According to the menu, this serves 8-9 people, however, the 4 of us had no trouble in finishing off the platter; which comes in at $198++.  At that price I can't say it's worth it, considering you can get more for your money elsewhere.  Taste wise, the food was a mishmash as well; the steaks were quite bland though the ribs were flavoured nicely.  However, their half gallon of craft beer was a highlight.  Light and aromatic, it was a delight to the taste buds and complimented the platter very well.

Despite the nice décor, the food is average and no different from any other restaurant serving similar food.  Unfortunately the food wasn't spectacular and the decor wasn't anything to rant or rave about.  In the end, a nice, independent restaurant which serves average food and nothing more, unfortunately.



Justice Is Served Platter - 300g rib eye, 300g lamb rack, 300g sirloin, full rack pork ribs, pulled pork, sausage trio, de-boned chicken leg, 300g honey glazed ham, veal osso bucco and beef stew