Memorable Meal 01 | Teppei Japanese Restaurant


This all about the meals that have left an interminable impression on me.  Instead of reviewing every eatery I come across (there are more than enough websites that do that), I'll only be writing about places I enjoy, that I've repeatedly visited and personally feel that it's worth your time to check out too.  From Fine Dining to Hole in the Walls – this will just be about the food, not the place or price.  Similar to my travel journals, it’ll be more photo heavy with less but (hopefully) more concise writing.  

I hope you enjoy this new series!



お任せ, Omakase, or “I’ll leave it up to you" is a Japanese cuisine where you can’t order a la carte but instead rely on the chef’s skill to delight and surprise you over 8 or more courses (not to dissimilar to a degustation menu in French cuisine).  Teppei, hands down, presents one of the best Omakase meals you can get in Singapore (and at ridiculously good value too).  From staples like beef and sashimi to more wonderfully creative dishes which I had never seen (like Goose Barnacles), the food is exceptionally delectable and satisfying.  Everything is cooked with love and care which grips you from the first bite.  Due to the nature of Omakase, the food changes regularly so you will have a completely different culinary adventure to me, but from my 3 visits so far, I've not been disappointed.  

What I also love about this restaurant, other than the exquisite and inventive food, is the atmosphere.  The staff are very jovial and you end up having a relaxed and importantly, fun meal.  The combination of service and food discovery make the restaurant an absolute delight to be in.  If you love Japanese cuisine, you'll be doing yourself a disservice if you don't give Teppei a try.

Tip - The Omakase is served in 2 seatings but choose the 2nd seating so that you’re not rushed off your seat near the end of the meal.


This Sake is ridiculously good