Photos 05 | My Journey with Film


I’ve always been fascinated (and terrified) of using manual film cameras.  Using an ‘analogue’ camera versus a digital one means you have to place more faith and reliance on your own skills rather than relying on software to correct any potential errors.  I never thought I was good enough.

I was recently gifted my parents old Minolta XD-7 and whilst I'm still very much an amateur photographer, I decided that I should at least try otherwise I'd never get better.  The learning curve is steep, with no margin for error.  I've taken a few pictures so far, and yes, a lot of them have been duds but for the ones that worked, after all the effort and time invested, I'm happy that I tried.

I’m still at the beginning of my journey and here are some of the photos captured so far. I’ll update this blog with more shots later, and hopefully, with a bit of patience and luck, they will be better.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and join me on this mini adventure with my latest "old" gadget!