Memorable Meal 05 | Dumpling Darlings


44 Amoy Street


Dumpling Darlings quickly captured my heart and stomach with their sumptuous dumplings and now it’s one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore.

Their menu is simple and straight to the point - dumplings, of which they serve 6 kinds.  They also serve 3 noodle dishes if for some reason, dumplings aren’t your thing.  The six kinds of dumplings that they serve are: Original, Veggie Mandu, Spicy Sichuan, Momo Curry, Smoked Duck, and Fried Perogi. They also have only one dessert, an absolutely delectable Pear and Cheese Dumpling that’s paired with Honey Ice Cream. As amazing as the other dumplings are, this stole the show for me. 

I won’t go into an in-depth review of each of the dumplings because like with any good movie, they’re best experienced without spoilers. However, with that being said, they are brilliantly prepared and cooked (they are freshly made each day in-house) and you will savour every single dumpling, they’re that good. The best way to enjoy all these dumplings is their “Dumpling Party” platter which consists of 15 dumplings, 3 of each kind bar the Spicy Sichuan for only $20.  Given the quality and care put into the dumplings, it’s certainly tremendous value. If you love dumplings then you must visit this place.



The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it entrance

The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it entrance

The equally as tasty starting salad


The magnificent Dumpling Dessert

They have craft beers on tap which are incredibly satisfying

The braised pork noodles if you’re interested. They’re nice but don’t bother, go for the dumplings!

The braised pork noodles if you’re interested. They’re nice but don’t bother, go for the dumplings!


$ - Inexpensive  $$ - Moderate  $$$ - Exorbitant

This all about the meals that have left an interminable impression on me.  Instead of reviewing every eatery I come across (there are more than enough websites that do that), I'll only be writing about places I enjoy, that I've repeatedly visited and personally feel that it's worth your time to check out too.  By definition, all these eateries will be 4/5 stars on my old rating system so won't need a ranking.  I will indicate the price