Memorable Meal 03 | I Want My Noodle


#03-14/15 Shaw Centre


I Want My Noodle cooks exactly how I want/need my noodles to be : curly, springy, slathered with oil, and accompanied with deliciously fatty meats.  It's one of the closest approximations of a noodle dish that I adore back in Kota Kinabalu (more on that in another post...) and fills a spot that most hawker centres here seem to miss.  

What makes this place special is that everything is made fresh at the restaurant and in particular, a lot of it is down to their freshly made egg noodles which exhibit a wonderful springiness and thickness.   These noodles are also coated in their special seasoning and oils which add a delectable, homemade-esque fragrance and taste.  This alone would make their dishes great but in addition, their meats are also well prepared and they aren't stingy with the portions either with thick cuts covering your noodles.   

The only issue one could have is the price, which is a bit more expensive than your average bowl of noodles, but I feel the quality is worth it.  Plus, it's next door to the cinema - so why waste money on popcorn and nachos when you can have noodles as good as this?


Tip: Try out their Truffle Noodles.  I honestly don't know how much oil they put in but one dish can fill the entire restaurant with the aroma of truffles...your nose will love it!


$ - Inexpensive  $$ - Moderate  $$$ - Exorbitant

This all about the meals that have left an interminable impression on me.  Instead of reviewing every eatery I come across (there are more than enough websites that do that), I'll only be writing about places I enjoy, that I've repeatedly visited and personally feel that it's worth your time to check out too.  By definition, all these eateries will be 4/5 stars on my old rating system so won't need a ranking.  I will indicate the price